Use Only Quality Power Tools

Use Only Quality Power Tools

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Makita tools have been favored by professional and home craftsmen for many years because of their reputation for quality and durability. They make a wide variety of power tools and woodworking equipment. Because of the popularity of this brand, parts are easy to find and therefore you can repair tools easily to keep your equipment working for a long time.

The Makita brand is recognized as one of the best. They were at the forefront of power tool manufacturing, both for professional and home use. They started manufacturing power tools in the 1950s and quickly built a reputation for producing high quality tools, a reputation that continues today with new additions being added to the line continually.

The steady popularity of Makita tools for home improvement projects and woodworking from the 1950s through today attests to their excellent quality. The complete line of both light and heavy duty tools is built to this high standard of quality.

Both corded and cordless models are available from Makita. Each model is made with a view to ease of use and accuracy for the user. Features such as angle attachments and LED lights make them easier to use. The cordless drills have 17 torque settings with variable settings, so that they can be used for any number of different kinds of jobs.

The woodworking tools from Makita are found in just about any professional or home workshop. Even master carpenters, cabinet makers and furniture craftsmen rely upon Makita woodworking tools such as planers, sanders, drills and saws to do a great job. The professional quality and reliable guarantees make them indispensable in this field.

Makita parts can be found in just about any service or repair shop, and can also be obtained on line. Makita tools come with a good warranty that will cover many repairs, so that you can bring your Makita to a repair shop and have it fixed under warranty. Make sure you go to a factory approved repair shop, or you may void your warranty. If the warranty has run out, this will not matter, and if you want to try to repair it yourself with parts you obtained on line, it is worth it.

Another advantage of Makita tools is the quality of the batteries. They range in capacity from 4 to 20 volts, depending on the tools,and Makita is constantly striving to improve the quality of the batteries and the charging systems. A reliable battery is essential to completing a project without interruption.

Makita installs two types of batteries in its tools, either the stick type, used on pistol grip drills, or the knob style, which are used in mid handle drills. A number of the drill sets have a fast charge system that charges the battery in fifteen minutes, or may come with two batteries that permit the user to charge one battery while the other battery is powering the tool.

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